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Our deliveries 2017

Delivery December 2017:
Public utility replaces two old systems with two new BOUS-systems

1 unit "CeBeCo" spray-wash system with rotating plate ROTIMAT type "E", size 180 D/100 W

  • actual dimensions: approx. 1.800 mm diameter (octagon), passage height approx. 1.000 mm
  • operating weight: max. 700 kg

1 unit "CeBeCo" spray-wash system with rotating plate ROTIMAT type "E", size 130 D/90 W

  • actual dimensions: approx. 1.300 mm diameter (octagon), passage height approx. 900 mm 
  • operating weight: max. 700 kg

with a common carriage for loading and unloading respectively for in-house transport routes !

Delivery November 2017:
Two cleaning units for a further tube part specialist

= supplier of the automotive industry

1 unit "CeBeCo" spray / flooding wash system with running wheel TROWAMAT type "KOMBI", size 6040/28 WSST - US

  • with ultrasonic-support,
  • with 3-tank-system,
  • with several filter systems;

1 unit "CeBeCo" spray cleaning system WASCHFIX type T6/70 – WSA

  • in rotary transfer method with 6 zones,
  • with 2-tank-system,
  • with several filter systems;

for flexible and intensive cleaning of tube parts and pipe systems !

Delivery September 2017:
2 + 2 = 4 Two further spray wash systems with turning wheel of special size

2 units "CeBeCo" spray wash system with turning wheel TROWAMAT 
type " XL-P ", size 40155/28 WST

with 2-tank-system

  • with 6-fold nozzle system,
  • with several filter systems

for pipe lines respectively pipe elements.

The major customer has already two units of this kind at this site.

Delivery August 2017:
A further precision cleaning machine
for a tube specialist

= supplier of the automotive industry

1 unit "CeBeCo" DUWAMAT type "K 1000" WASAT

= through-feed cleaning system for internal cleaning straight stainless steel pipes which processed on both sides

  • iwith cleaning zone,
  • with blow-off zone 1,
  • with rinsing zone,
  • with blow-off zone 2,
  • with drying zone;

with special chain transport system,
with extensive filter system per medium,
with linear moving unit for takeover / transferring lines.

Delivery July 2017:
Precision Cleaning in a new dimension

1 unit "CeBeCo" HDR cleaning system Type "DK-S"

  • in double chamber system
  • with an usable space of approx. 2.300 mm x 600 mm x 1.000 mm (LxWxH) per chamber

for the precision cleaning of pipe hose lines !

Delivery June 2017:
The next fully automatic machine from BOUS

1 unit "CeBeCo" spray wash unit with running wheel T R O W A M A T  type "XL",
size 7447/24, version WSST

  • with 3 tank system,
  • with several filter systems,
  • with fully automatic input and output loading station,
  • with upstream and downstream lifting stations,

to clean fittings in many diverse manners !

Delivery March 2017:
8,5 tonnes clenched cleaning power

The specialist for pipe cleaning has once again created a more powerful cleaning unit:

1 unit "CeBeCo" through-feed cleaning system  D U W A M A T type 9K, version WASAST-US        

  • with input area,
  • with input zone,
  • with cleaning zone ,immersion degreasing with ultrasonic’ (1+2),
  • with cleaning zone ‚spray degreasing‘ (3),
  • with blow-off zone,
  • with rinsing zone (1),
  • with blow-off zone,
  • with rinsing zone (2),
  • with drying zone,
  • with output zone,
  • with output area; 

so that you can drink your clean beer even tomorrow !

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