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Delivery August 2020:
A large-scale customer receives its first precision cleaning system for pipeline systems

1 piece "CeBeCo" HDR cleaning system type "DK"

      • in double chamber system !

      Delivery July 2020:
      A major customer from Serbia purchases its seventh plant system !

      1 piece "CeBeCo" ultrasonic compact unit type B7800 WST

          in three-chamber design:

          • Chamber 1 = Washing with ultrasound (33 kHz)
          • Chamber 2 = Rinsing
          • Chamber 3 = Drying

          Delivery June 2020:
          The market leading manufacturer of vertical CNC machine tools receives four drying units to complete its portfolio !

          2 pieces "CeBeCo" blow-off chamber "circulating air"

              • with an effective length of approx. 1,600 mm

              2 pieces "CeBeCo" blow-off tunnel "circulating air"

              • with an effective length of approx. 2,000 mm

              Delivery May2020:
              South German public utilities remain faithful to us
              (since 1993) and are now purchasing their third spray wash system in a row !

              1 piece "CeBeCo" spray wash system with a rotary plate ROTIMAT
              Type "E", size 180 D/70 W

                  • with a useable space of approx. 1,800 mm in diameter (Octagon)
                  • with a passage height of approx. 700 mm
                  • with an operating weight of max. 700 kg
                  • with a double pump system (one of which is a high pressure centrifugal pump with an output of 15 kW)

                  Delivery April 2020/2:
                  Germany's largest railway group invests in its first cleaning system from BOUS

                  1 piece "CeBeCo" WASHFIX type "WS"
                  as a  2-tank system (S)

                      • with a useable space of 1,100 x 200 x 1,100 mm (LxWxH)
                      • with an operating weight of max. 500 kg
                      • with an additional high-pressure centrifugal pump
                      • with loading/unloading station manufactured as a double station

                      for efficient cleaning of solid wheels !

                      Delivery April 2020/1:
                      The world's largest and independent supplier of components for the aerosol, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries invests in its first cleaning system

                      1 piece "CeBeCo" WASCHFIX type "WS
                      as a  2-tank system

                        • with a usable space of 1,200 x 900 x 400 mm (LxWxH)
                        • with an operating weight of max. 700 kg
                        • with two trolleys for flexible loading and unloading

                        for efficient cleaning of punching tools !

                        Delivery March 2020:
                        One of the world's leading suppliers of flexible couplings receives four immersion systems

                        4 pieces "CeBeCo" SONDERMAT size 80120/65

                        • with vapour extraction,
                        • with strong lifting mechanism (chain system),
                        • with touch panel including 99 programs.

                        Useful dimensions: approx. 1.200 x 800 x 650 mm height
                        Operating weight: max. 700 kg

                        Delivery February 2020/2:
                        The seventh precision cleaning machine for a tube specialist = supplier to the automotive industry

                        1 unit "CeBeCo" DUWAMAT type "K 1000" WASAT

                        = Continuous flow cleaning system for the internal cleaning of straight stainless steel pipes with processed ends

                        • with cleaning zone,
                        • with blow-off zone 1,
                        • with rinsing zone,
                        • with blow-off zone 2,
                        • with drying zone;

                        with special chain transport system,
                        with extensive filter system per medium.

                        Delivery February 2020/1:
                        A leading company for SHEV systems and ventilation technology invests in its third pipe washing system

                        1 unit "CeBeCo" washing plant for pipe sections in a cycle process ROWAMAT RL 150 XP

                        for aluminum pipes - pipe diameters from 8 mm to 90 mm and pipe lengths from 150 mm to 1,500 m

                        Delivery January 2020:
                        A specialist in pipe processing receives its first spray wash system

                        1 piece "CeBeCo" spray wash system with running wheel TROWAMAT type "XL"
                        Size 8060/28, version WST


                        • with a 2 tank system,
                        • with various filter systems

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