Manual cleaning machine

  • Low cleaning agent consumption due to automatic filtering and recovery during cyclic running
  • The contamination can be rinsed off by a cleaning brush or the component to be washed can be soaked in the wash tub
  • The lid closes automatically in the event of fire


Extremely dirty parts can be cleaned easily and efficiently in this machine. When the pump is activated by foot switch, the cleaning brush applies the cleaning agent to the parts lying in the tub. The washing agent returns through a silt box and a textile or mat filter.


The CeBeCo SECURUS is made of thick welded stainless steel or high-grade sheet steel and is available in two standard sizes. Intermediate or special sizes according to customer-specific request are possible. Commercially available hazard class AIII hydrocarbons (cold cleaner) can be used as cleaning agent.

Supplementary features

Larger operating weights, rim extraction.


Size 2B
Size 3B
Actual dimensions (LxWxH in mm)

700 x 500 x 250

700 x 500 x 500

External dimensions (LxWxH in mm)

1200 x 600 x 900

1200 x 600 x 1150

Volume of storage tank (L)



Model variants

Washstand f. larger operating weights

e.g. with rim extraction

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