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CeBeCo® HDR cleaning system “DK”

Precision cleaning system, e.g. for your piping

HDR cleaning system “DK”
  • For the highest purity requirements

  • Integrated, comprehensive filter system
  • Simple and ergonomic handling

Function/Fields of use

The concerted and flexible flooding system achieves ideal interior cleaning. The extensive filter systems in the main stream assure the greatest possible freedom from particles in the process. Aqueous cleaners are used.

The ergonomically structured work chamber allows a quick placement of the adaptations with your components to be washed in a user-friendly manner. The quick change system of the adaption plates enables individual fit to your parts range.

The double chamber system structure implements a parallel placement and removal of the components to be washed during a cleaning process in the second work chamber. This utilises the system in the best possible way.


The CeBeCo HDR cleaning system is made of thick welded high-grade sheet steel and is adapted to customer-specific requirements.


Washing, rinsing and blowing system, direct electrical heater, insulation, digital thermostat, stainless steel submersible pumps, coarse filter inserts, micro-filtering of both media, vapour extraction, air micro-filtering, recirculation system, weekly clock.

Supplementary features

Oil separator for non-emulsified oils in the bypass, micro-filters in the bypass.

Model variants

Model variant 1

Model variant 2

Model variant 3

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